Nate Spross

Founder of Yoga Music Project and music maker.

Nate Spross is a creative force, a soul-shaking, heart-centered music man! His passion for underground music and dj culture dates back to the wild and free days of the 90’s. While growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area he was able to craft his sound while moving dance floor’s throughout California for 10 plus years. During this time he held multiple nightclub residencies, hosted a radio show, and had the opportunity to share music with communities Coast to Coast stretching from San Francisco to New York City and audiences beyond.

Then, magic happened! In 2011 he founded the Yoga Music Project. His passion for music and bringing people together shined brightly as he helped introduce a concept that later would become popularized throughout the world. Nate’s DJ sets, while paired with yoga teachers, are as beautiful as you could imagine. Music is energy and with that energy the Yoga Music Project experience was born!